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She looks stunning in that dress. See more. English. 9 out of 10 people don't use adblock on our site. But after missing multiple days of her rehabilitation, she was in hot water. Stunned: affected with sudden and great wonder or surprise. c;gerund. The fireworks at New Year's were absolutely stunning this year. 57 synonyms of stunned from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 81 related words, definitions, and antonyms. 6. exact 24. similar 1. Real sentences showing how to use Stunned correctly. 'rolling a perfect Conjugation. Stunned is a verb (past tense of stun) and an adjective (a stunned expression). Do your part to support us. She was stunned when she was told she had won the scholarship. To daze or render senseless, as by a blow or loud noise. Soybeans stunted by lack of rain or damaged by hail can be salvaged as hay or silage. ** 2. We employ a team of language experts to bring you the best site possible. Top definition is 'filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock'. identify the choice that best describes the italicized word or phrase in each sentence (1-4) 1. In Australia, cattle are stunned prior to slaughter using a penetrative captive bolt, non-penetrative (percussive) captive bolt, or electrical methods, and, according to Gregory and Shaw (2000), when stunning is done correctly, the animal feels no pain and becomes instantly unconscious. Stunned definition, to deprive of consciousness or strength by or as if by a blow, fall, etc. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "stun" The fireworks at New Year's were absolutely stunning this yearThe animal stings its prey to stun it, and then slowly eats it.

Translation. The New York Times. The idea was so obvious and yet so foreign, it stunned me.

: Spring shoot growth on diseased canes is weak and stunted above the cankered area.

: It was an area of open heathland broken up by small clumps of trees, many misshapen and stunted by the constant attentions of wandering ponies. 3.

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ning , stuns 1. The defendant previously got caught shoplifting, and as a first-time criminal offender, she had to enter a diversionary program.

Stunning definition, causing, capable of causing, or liable to cause astonishment, bewilderment, or a loss of consciousness or strength: a stunning blow. Grammar.

Log in Sign up. Sentence examples for it stunned me from inspiring English sources. : The blow to his jaw stunned him for a moment. Vocabulary. Bowling is a 'growing' sport that traces it's ancestry back to ancient Egypt. 2 " It stunned me because I didn't know he could speak". And it stunned me.

a; participle b;verb.

The Marionette, on hearing this sentence passed upon him, was thoroughly stunned. The Guardian - Books.