The Blockheads are the series main antagonists, they're humanoid, red-colored figures, with block-shaped heads, who make mischief and wreak havoc all the time. They're red, they're troublemakers, but most of all they're blockheads! 6:42. The Blockheads evolved from the blocks that we had in the store.” In “The Blockheads,” the mischievous duo puts ice cream in a milkshake for Gumby. Buy Prema Toys Gumby and Friends, The Blockheads Bendable, Poseable Figure Set: Toy Figures & Playsets - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases

Gumby - stories of 1960s were usually tested out the young Clokey children as bedtimes stories, and just Gumby's father did, Joey clearly recall how … Another one of Gumby's whimsical adventures with his classic shenanigans and pals! His nemeses are the G and J Blockheads, a pair of antagonistic red humanoid figures with cube-shaped heads, one with the letter G on the block, the other with the letter J. Gumby follows the titular character on his adventures through different environments and times in history.

The Blockheads are a duo of mischievous hooligans with toy blocks for heads who act as the main antagonists of Gumby. Everyone remembers these two lovable numbskulls who never seem to learn their lesson. #Gumby#Blockheads#Vintagetoys. Gumby's primary sidekick is Pokey, a talking orange pony. Gumby drinks … ... Gumby -The Blockheads - Duration: 6:42. There are 26 blockheads, each having a certain letter on both sides of their heads, though the two most featured blockheads are Blockhead G and Blockhead J, who're Gumby's Nemeses. The Blockheads are simply known as G and J and are considered Gumby's arch enemies.

Unsurprisingly, they both served as the main antagonists of the film.

Enjoy. 8ByteBrian 733 views. But, since Gumby freezes up when he has ice cream, he always orders milkshakes without ice cream.