In 2017, co-founder Travis Kalanick was finally ousted as CEO. Travis Kalanick, (born August 6, 1976, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), American entrepreneur who was cofounding CEO (2009–17) of the ride-hailing app company Uber, which provided transportation by enabling users to page freelance drivers of privately owned vehicles via smartphones. Two friends, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, were attending the LeWeb, an annual tech conference the Economist … Under his leadership, the company smashed into markets, flouting local transportation rules, circumventing … What he believed was going to be a graceful departure now looked like the Benchmark-administered ouster it actually was. Travis Kalanick built Uber in his own image. detailed story about the resignation, infuriating Kalanick. Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick, 38, is prone to trash-talking and tantrums, but his unhinged confidence and competitiveness are part of what makes him such a brilliant entrepreneur. THE TAKEDOWN OF TRAVIS KALANICK: The untold story of Uber's infighting, backstabbing, and multimillion-dollar exit packages. Technology Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's Super Successful and Controversial Life Story Eight years ago, Uber was only a budding startup called 'UberCab' in San Francisco. Kalanick grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. Uber’s story began in Paris in 2008. Kalanick did earn some money to meet his expenditures with this, but during his college life at UCLA, he was to make a shift to bigger things .Travis partnered with his buddies, Vince Busam and Michael Todd, who all dropped from the University of California to work on an amazing project.