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They also mark grammatical case. Firstly, this is a question on German grammar and not English. Where are you from? Wo bist du hin? Spricht hier wer Englisch? Featured answer would be a very direct (and more specific, as it refers explicitly to the state of health) way of asking that; similarly, "Wie fühlst du dich?" This quiz is incomplete!
Well I can't figure out what you would like to know, but it has to be "mein Schatzi".

[Thema des 32. [translated theme of the 32nd DEKT; based on Gen. 3:9]relig. (equal to "Wo bist du denn?") Die Bedeutung ist die Gleiche :) Wo warst du = Präteritum Wo bist du gewesen = Perfekt. Mensch, wo bist du? is a song that was supposed to be on Reise, Reise but because Rammstein wanted to make Reise, Reise the hardest album they have made so far, it was felt that the song was too gentle and it was left out. To mention some of them: Was gibt's? Where did you go? OK. lisamaemoe.

lyric with English translation. 11 Feb 2018. Schatz ( = treasure ) is gramatically male in German.. By the way: That stuff brewed in the US doesn't really deserve to be called beer.. “Wo” means “where” as an interrogative pronoun. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. Von wo bist du? Where do you come from?

Rammstein Wo bist du? To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 15 Questions Show answers. Which actress says the line Wolfgang wo bist du in a classic Englishlanguage action movie - trivia question /questions answer / answers. = Was gibt es? = Wo bist denn du? Gib mir 'nen Keks. could be asked, but it sounds like something you'd ask a recently-recovered (or still slightly sick) person to check whether their state has improved. Wo bist'n du? [Wo kommst du her?] To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Question 1 [ugs.] Von wo bist du? ... “Wo bist du?” (Where are you?) Question 1 Nevertheless, as already mentioned, German does have contractions and colloquially used short forms.

DEKT; nach Gen. 3,9] Mortal, where are you? When you "disagree" with an answer The owner of it will not be notified. The same applies to Er ist, du bist etc. 20 Questions Show answers.
[ugs.] Und wo bitte schön bist du gewesen? Nevertheless, I will try to answer your question. Geile Verarschung von grop tekkan - denen haben group n1 es aber mal so richtig gezeigt ;) = Gib mir einen Keks. FunTrivia.com.

Wo bist du Lyrics: Baby, sag mir, wo du bist / Baby, sag mir, wo du bist / Nein, ich kann nicht ohne dich, nein, nein / Nein, ich kann nicht ohne dich / Baby, sag mir, wo du bist / Baby, sag mir, wo @renegade05: "Bist du gesund?" German prepositions of place indicate where an action takes place and also in which direction it is coming from or going to. This quiz is incomplete! “Wo ist meine Tochter?” means “Where is my daughter?” “Wohin” means “Where to”.